Sunday, December 15, 2013


This mod allows you to enter the buildings which are visible only in cut-scenes, and some of the missions in GTA San Andreas. Most of the interiors has made new collision files !!!

Special thanks to SilentPL for made of the ASI file.


- Sweet's House (Ganton),
- Ryder's House (Ganton),
- OG Loc's House (Ganton),
- B Dup's Apartment (Ganton),
- B Dup's Crack Palace (Glen Park),
- Blastin' Fools Records (Market),
- Crack Den - Ballas Apartment (Idlewood),
- Vagos Gang House (East Los Santos),
- One of villas (Richman),
- Arena from 'New Model Army' missions (entry in front of Film Studio in Vinewood),
- Los Santos International Airport,
- All floors of the Los Santos Office [Glazed building] - (Downtown),
- Adds movable gate in front of the Madd Dogg's villa (Mulholland).

- Woozie's Apartment (Chinatown),
- San Fierro Police Department (Downtown),
- Preasure Domes (Battery Point),
- Supa Save (Juniper Hill),
- San Fierro Easter Bay International Airport,
- Doherty Garage (fixed camera view!!!)- [controls in ReadMe],
- Adds the possibility to open and close of the hold, and the possibility of lifting and lowering of the two platforms on the aircraft carrier (Easter Basin) - [controls in ReadMe].

- City Planning Department (Come-A-Lot),
- New Room in Bike School (Blackfield),
- Sindacco Abattoir (Whietwood Estates),
- Rosenberg's Room in Caligula's Palace,
- Woozie's Room in Four Dragons Cassino,
- Janitor Room in Four Dragons Cassino.
- Las Venturas Airport,
- Adds entry to eight casinos (Come-A-Lot, The Emerald Isle, The High Roller, The Pink Swan, Starfish Casino, The Visage, Old Venturas Strip x2),
- Plastic Factory (Whietwood Estates),
- Basements in Caligula's Palace.

- Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts (Market, Palisades and Fort Carson),
- U Get Inn Motel (Angel Pine and Fort Carson),
- Welcome Pump (Dillimore),
- Bank (Palomino Creek),
- Cesar's Hideout (Angel Pine),
- Police Stations (Angel Pine i Fort Carson),
- Interior of the Shamal aircraft (entry in every Airports),
- Area around of the Liberty City Saint Marks (entry in Shamal aircraft),
- Interior of the Liberty City Marco Bistro,
- All Hauses of CJ's Girlfriends,
- Nude & XXX Shop (Los Santos x2, Las Venturas x1),
- Sex Shop XXX (Los Santos x1, Las Venturas x4),
- Sodom Sex Toys (Los Santos x2),
- Gas Station (Dillimore),
- Main entry to underground of Area 69 (you must be wearing a cop suit),
- Manhole with jetpack in Area 69 (you must be wearing a jetpack),
- All Bars and Restaurants from Dating Missions (all San Andreas),
- All Hauses from Burglary Missions (all San Andreas),
- Makes that the vent in Area 69 is not blocked,
- Gates in fence of Area 69 are movable,
- Adds the Phil Cassidy's camper trailer known from Vice City (Angel Pine Junkyard).

 AUTHOR: artginPL